Road Trip Safety

  Summer is winding its way toward fall but there is still plenty of time for a vacation! If you want to avoid airports and the expense of flying or train travel, consider a road trip. Road trips are popular with couples, families and groups of friends. They allow you to get off the beaten path and see more of this country than any other kind of travel, and traveling in your own vehicle is much more comfortable than being crammed into a plane, train or bus. It’s more economical too. As long as your car get good gas mileage, or better still, you have an electric or hybrid, you will save a lot of money. Road trips create great memories, can be educational and will allow you to discover the beauty and hidden gems of our great country. Ready to hit the road? Great, but first there are some things you need to do to make sure your trip is a safe one. Remember, it will be just you and your vehicle out there. While solitary road trips can be wonderful, it’s generally better to have a companion or two, and don’t forget the furry ones! Road trips make great vacations for dogs, as long as they enjoy car trips and arecalm and friendly around strangers. Read on to learn more about how to make sure you road trip is safe and memorable for all the right reasons!


Before you leave, make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape. Get a tune up, oil change and have your tires checked. Inspect your spare and repair or replace it if necessary. Stock your trunk with jumper cables, spare antifreeze and wiper fluid, a spare fan belt and spark plugs , tire patch, a jack, and a small tool kit. This should be enough to get you back on the road after most minor break downs. Replace your windshield wipers if it’s been awhile and check your air conditioning. You’ll also want to map out your route and update the maps for your GPS. Make a copy of your planned route and leave it with a trusted friend or relative. Should the worst happen it will help locate you. Along with supplies for your vehicle, stock up on some for yourself. Bottled water, non-perishable snacks and a first aid kit are a must. Finally, remember emergency supplies like flares or triangles, and a white or orange flag to tie on your car-these will help other motorists see you should you break down on the road. You can also buy signs you can place in your windows that say “CALL POLICE”. They may come in handy if you breakdown in an area with no service or your phone malfunctions or suffers a dead battery.

On the Road

Once you’re on the road, try and keep your cell phone and/or tablet charged at all times. Get in the habit of checking the forecast frequently and get off the road if severe weather is expected. This is especially important if there is a tornado watch or warning. Do not try to out run a tornado or ride one out in your car. Be alert when using rest stops. Stick to well-lit and heavily trafficked ones and keep your doors locked and valuables hidden. Always keep your phone on your so you can call for help if necessary!

Renting a Car for Road Familiarization

  The advancement of technology made our lifestyle easier than usual. This advancement include: mobile phone innovation (from a huge and heavy device to a light weight hand held mobile phone), energy efficient household items (electric stoves, refrigerators, etc.), telecommunication services (from morse code to high speed internet and ultrafast fiber optics for faster data transmission ), transportation (from a rolling stock to magnetic levitation or bullet train), and now, navigation system (advanced mapping and Global Positioning System).

The emergence of the Global Positioning System (GPS) on handheld and different devices enables us to familiarize maps and easily access to a certain location but internet connection is required. There are a lot of channels now for modern navigation system.

As we grow up, familiarizing the road is a must. Our parents must not guide us to go somewhere and drive us home always. There must be a point where we can stand in our own feet driving and familiarizing the freeway. Though the complex network of highways in the Philippines is somewhat confusing, there are a lot of routes available to go to a certain location that you want to go through.

Driving is a good practice in familiarizing the road and possible route for a certain location. Using some maps on handheld devices comes handy but what if the battery of the device was drained, or the signal for data connection is weak? Or what if, you left your mobile phone? Yes, asking people about directions is a good idea. But what if, you are in a middle of an unknown highway without any houses on the way? Still, there’s a chance of losing the right track.
Thanks to the rental cars who have this pre-installed navigation system directly connected to the GPS. The layout of the city or the place was downloaded to the car’s database so that it can track the car’s exact location including the nearby places and landmarks. It can help new drivers to avoid getting lost during road trips for it has the enhanced mapping technology. The fact that people of this generation loves traveling, knowledge in navigation is an advantage.

While renting this type of car, you can actually memorize the routes available and the possible ways to go to a certain place. Also, you can explore places you never had gone before without any trouble navigating the roads. It’s not just like a virtual map but a combination of a map, a teacher, and locator. This is very ideal for a group of friends who love adventure and exploring different regions for their happiness. Most especially, the youth of this generation is very curious and at the same time, adventurous. Also ideal for families whose passion is traveling, to discover the beautiful hidden paradise. It was the best bonding a family can spend. Traveling in a new place for them to relax, enjoy and escape the stress, the metro is bombarding them every now and then.

Traveling to a place is easier today rather than before. Thanks to the new era of advanced technology and thank you for the inventors and innovators of this new technology. For this matter, traveling is as easy as 1 2 3 and A B C.

There are certain things that the past generation cannot offer today. The advancements in transportation and navigation gave us comfortable yet affordable travel. It can also help travelers to be safe by traveling on a location where it is worry-free. Of course safety is first to assure for our loved ones which includes family and friends.